Hugo Arcier

Hugo Arcier Hugo Arcier is a digital artist based in Paris, France. He uses 3D computer graphics in various ways: videos, prints and sculptures. Devoted first to special effects for feature films, he has worked on numerous projects with prestigious directors such as Roman Polanski, Alain Resnais or Jean-Pierre Jeunet. His artistic [...]

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Javier Leon

Javier Leon Javier Leon is an Art Director, CG supervisor and founder of Leon Studios, a CG and animation company based in San Fernando, Cadiz. Leon Studio specializes in animation, character development and set design. Leon is a master technician in lighting and materials and has been on the forefront of [...]

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Benoit Paillé

Benoit Paillé Benoit Paille is a self taught photographer. He's exhibited his work in galleries all over the globe: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Amsterdam, France, United States and Quebec to name a few. He uses colorful flashes to outline surreal representations, cultivating a predilection for casual people and locations, kitsch landscapes, fences [...]

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El Grand Chamaco El Grand Chamaco is a visual artist based in Los Ramones, Mexico. His work focuses on character design, illustration and print design. Camacho’s style is uniquely bold, flawlessly integrating humor and sincerity into everything he does. His work depicts aspects of Mexican Culture and exerts a supreme understanding [...]

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