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Sachio Cook

Sachio Cook Sachio Cook is a 2D animation artist based in Northampton, Western Massachusetts. She’s originally from Japan and Queens, NYC. She studied Traditional Animation at The School of Visual Arts. The inspiration for her work comes from a wide variety of sources including Anime and Literature. The results are beautifully rendered [...]

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Lili Des Bellons

Lili Des Bellons Lili Des Bellons is a multi-faceted illustrator and artist. His work varies from bold geometric landscapes to anthropomorphized wolves and his skill set is just as varied and impressive. He’s made films, created 3D animations and is above the bar when it comes to his sense of color and [...]

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John Malta

John Malta John F. Malta is a visual artist who lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri. Malta's work explores a perpetually evolving narrative inspired by his teenage years traversing the Northeast Ohio punk scene, wading through murky creeks, and skateboarding till he could no longer see the road in front [...]

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Jesse Mcmanus

Jesse Mcmanus Jesse McManus (b.1986) grew up in Minneapolis, MN and received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008. Along with regular mutant expulsions through self-publishing and bedroom scrawling, his drawings have been exposed in such venues as Kramers Ergot 7 and Vice. Summer 2016 [...]

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Javier Leon

Javier Leon Javier Leon is an Art Director, CG supervisor and founder of Leon Studios, a CG and animation company based in San Fernando, Cadiz. Leon Studio specializes in animation, character development and set design. Leon is a master technician in lighting and materials and has been on the forefront of [...]

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El Grand Chamaco El Grand Chamaco is a visual artist based in Los Ramones, Mexico. His work focuses on character design, illustration and print design. Camacho’s style is uniquely bold, flawlessly integrating humor and sincerity into everything he does. His work depicts aspects of Mexican Culture and exerts a supreme understanding [...]

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