Joshua Cox

Joshua Cox Joshua Cox is one of the two co-founders of DSGNLAB.  He is a Director/Art Director with a background in painting, vfx, and design.  He developed his skills working over the past decade for studios such as Bent Image Lab, Blur, and Nervo with Nando Costa.  He has directed music [...]

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Nathalie Cusson

Nathalie Cusson Nathalie Cusson is a Montreal based director / art director with a strong background in design and editorial work. She is the founder of Montreal-based Scooter Design Studio.Nathalie has an extensive knowledge and experience of fashion, beauty and travel industries, a wide network of international creative contributors and a proven [...]

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Javier Tomassi

Javier Tomassi Javier Tomassi is an Argentinian Art Director and Designer based in "La Patagonia". Tomassi loves the colorful and the vivid. He has a deep passion for art, design and color. He is very influenced by art, science, nature, architecture and culture. He has mad skills and can destroy anything [...]

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