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Solomon Burbridge

Solomon Burbridge Solomon Burbridge is one of the two co-founders of DSGNLAB.  He is also a director / art director with a background in stop motion, practical effects, and design.  Sol has directed pilots for MTV, Adult Swim show sequences for "Disjointed" and "Off the Air", and ID's and promos for [...]

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Sophie and Yohan

Sophie and Yohan SOHPIE AND YOHAN are a French based motion duo power-team. Their passion lies in building new experiences using Motion Design, 3D, VR, live stage projection mapping...really anything designed and immersive.

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Nathalie Cusson

Nathalie Cusson Nathalie Cusson is a Montreal based director / art director with a strong background in design and editorial work. She is the founder of Montreal-based Scooter Design Studio. Nathalie has an extensive knowledge and experience of fashion, beauty and travel industries, a wide network of international creative contributors and [...]

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Javier Tomassi

Javier Tomassi Javier Tomassi is an Argentinian Art Director and Designer based in "La Patagonia". Tomassi loves the colorful and the vivid. He has a deep passion for art, design and color. He is very influenced by art, science, nature, architecture and culture. He has mad skills and can destroy anything that [...]

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Stacy Lovejoy

Stacy Lovejoy Stacy Lovejoy is a mixed media artist, futurist, painter and illustrator who is based in Portland, Oregon. Her paintings and sculptures are whimsical and other-wordly, using unique color combinations. She creates work without predetermining which art materials to use and what it will look like at the end. She [...]

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Sachio Cook

Sachio Cook Sachio Cook is a 2D animation artist based in Northampton, Western Massachusetts. She’s originally from Japan and Queens, NYC. She studied Traditional Animation at The School of Visual Arts. The inspiration for her work comes from a wide variety of sources including Anime and Literature. The results are beautifully rendered [...]

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